About Our Plants

We think the best cannabis plants are started from seeds and grown in the full sun, like nature intended. Plants grown from seed are bigger, stronger, more vigorous and easier to grow, especially for those new to cannabis cultivation. We sell our seed-grown plants in large, 2-gallon pots. This allows plenty of space for extensive root development and time to grow into big healthy plants.
By the time plants show their sex and are ready for sale, they are typically 16″ to 30″ tall.


Cannabis is a dioecious genus, meaning some plants have male flowers and others have the desired female flower clusters commonly known as “buds”. Determining the sex of the plants early on can be difficult, but we guarantee our plants to be female, taking the guess work out of it for both home gardeners and licensed cultivators.

Retail price: All seed-grown plants are $60 each, which includes all sales and excise taxes. All varieties are the same price, regardless of size. Licensed cultivators contact us for commercial pricing.

“Clone” is cannabis culture jargon for a plant grown from a rooted cutting, meaning it is genetically identical to all plants cut from the “mother” plant. All our cutting-grown plants are well established, rooted into soil in 4″ pots, 6″ pots or 1-gallon pots and hardened off to the natural environment. This means they are healthy, growing and ready to be planted outside. We don’t sell what most people think of as “clones”: rooted cuttings in grow-cubes. By getting established plants well-rooted into dirt and hardened off to natural sunlight, our plants give you a jump on the season and take the risk out of growing from clones.

Retail price: All clones in 1-gallon pots are $40 each for retail and medical use customers, all state and local taxes included. Licensed cultivators contact us for commercial pricing.

READY IN THE SPRING Our first seed-grown plants are typically ready around May 1st and we sell out by mid-July. We often have large, grown-out clones ready by late March, but that varies season to season. If you want to be sure to get certain varieties, don’t wait because popular ones can sell out quickly. After the seed plants are sold out, we typically have sun-grown clones in 4″ pots through the beginning of August, after which we are closed for the season.

LICENSED CULTIVATOR? If you’re a California state-licensed cultivator we can set up a custom grow and delivery contract! Get the varieties you want when you’re ready for them. Save the last-minute scramble to find plants. If you’re interested in a pre-order custom growing contract, see our For Commercial Cultivators page. 

PERSONAL USE GROWER? See our Who Can Shop page for details. For medical or recreational home growers, you can come to the nursery and pick out your own plants right from our large production area. Take a cannabis tourism vacation and see the amazing Lost Coast and ancient redwoods while you’re here. We’ll even hold your plants for a couple days while you explore.

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Humboldt Seed Co Logo We are an official Humboldt Seed Company grower and offer many of their top quality varieties as established plants, plus their autoflower varieties as seed-packs.

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Note: we only sell growing plants and a limited selections of seeds. We do not sell any processed cannabis products. See your local retail dispensary. We recommend local Southern Humboldt retail stores: The Country Club in Redway and Joe’s Pot Shop in Whitethorn, at Whitethorn Construction.

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