April 2021 update to COVID policy.
2021 COVID-19 update. We take the pandemic seriously and ask that you take precautions while visiting and traveling. All nursery staff are vaccinated and the nursery is open-air, so there is a very low risk of transmission. To be on the safe side, we ask that you maintain a minimum of 6′ or greater distance from employees and other customers and be aware that many of our customers use cannabis for medical reasons and may be more vulnerable to infection from any virus. If you want to wear a mask but don’t have one, we have paper ones we can give you. If you’re more comfortable around nursery staff with masks, we can put one on when serving you.

This is not over yet. Many people are not vaccinated. And even when vaccinated there is a very small chance of getting reinfected. While in that case the symptoms will be mild or nonexistent, the danger is that a person with mild symptoms may not even know they’re infected and unwittingly infect a person who is unvaccinated. Some of us live with family member, kids or others who won’t be able to get vaccinated for a while, so we need to keep up some precautions for just a little longer.

About vaccinations: even though many people will be able to get the new Covid vaccines by the start of the nursery season and even though anyone who has had the virus has developed immunity and is likely not contagious, we have no way of knowing or verifying any individual claims. If we or another customer asks you to maintain distance, please respect this request.

Be kind. We are in this together.

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