April 2021 update to COVID policy.
We take the pandemic seriously and ask that you take precautions while visiting and traveling. Even though the nursery is open-air and even though all of us working here will have been vaccinated by late spring, we are still requiring all customers to wear a proper mask, not just a bandana or t-shirt, and maintain a minimum of 6′ or greater distance from employees and other customers.

We all hope this will be our last pandemic season and by the 2022 season we’ll be able to ditch masks and hang out like we used to. But this is not over yet. Many people are not vaccinated. And even when vaccinated there is a very small chance — something like 1 in 10,000 — of getting reinfected. While in that case the symptoms will likely be mild, the danger is that a person with mild symptoms may not even know they’re infected and unwittingly infect a person who is unvaccinated. Some of us live with family member, kids or others who won’t be able to get vaccinated for a while, so we need to keep up some precautions for just a little longer.

You may see the nursery crew not wearing masks around each other. That is because we will have all been vaccinated by then and are functioning as a “pod” by not exposing ourselves to others. We will wear masks when interacting with customers.

Adding physical distance between mask wearers increases mask effectiveness all around, especially since most of us are not wearing medical-grade, properly-fitted respirators. The more distance and free-flowing air between two people talking, the less likely transmission is to occur. Distance + masks = very effective barrier!

About vaccinations: even though many people will be able to get the new Covid vaccines by the start of the nursery season and even though anyone who has had the virus has developed immunity and is likely not contagious, we have no way of knowing or verifying any individual claims. So for the health of everyone and simplicity’s sake, we will still require masks even if you have been vaccinated. It’s just for a little longer and then we’ll all be through this.

Be kind. We are in this together.

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