New! Home Delivery

Live plant drop 
Hwy 101 and East Bay
Thursday, July 28th

A man in a hat and white shirt holds up a large, sun-grown cannabis plant at a cannabis nursery in Briceland, Humboldt County California.

Now offering home plant delivery for the East Bay and the Hwy 101 corridor from Humboldt County to the Bay Area.

Order now for Thursday, July 16th delivery. 

Offering: Starberry Cough and Romulan Grapefruit.

* All plants are $65 each, which includes delivery and all sales and excise taxes. 

* All plants are grown from cuttings (“clones”), sun grown and about 3 feet tall (shown above).

* Starberry Cough and Romulan Grapefruit only. 

Starberry Cough is a sativa dominant variety with a mix of strawberry, sugar and gas terpenes. It’s a mixture of Stardawg and the classic Strawberry Cough, with a potency rating of 8+ out of 10.

Romulan Grapefruit is an indica dominant cross of Romulan x Grapefruit, with an aroma described as “herbal, tangy and tea.” It rates a 7+ in potency on a 1-10 scale. 

Want other varieties? Check our whole list of seed-grown plants all of which are on super end-of-season sale and can be picked out in person at the nursery. 

* Do you live outside our delivery area? Find a friend in the area and arrange for delivery at their house. 

* Want delivery to your town? Let us know and we can expand to other parts of Northern California if there is enough demand. 

Ready to place an order? Read the fine print below then fill out the form.

A row of cannabis plants in a nursery in Briceland, Humboldt County California. The variety name "Starberry Cough" can be read on the labels on the white pots.

Some Important Details — Please Read Before Ordering! 

*Must be 21+ and present valid ID when submitting order and at delivery.

* You must accept delivery in person. We cannot drop plants off. If you want a friend to accept the delivery, they will have to be the one placing the order or you will have to arrange the change in advance.
* We can only deliver to legal, numbered addresses (no parking lots, parks, etc.). Business addresses are okay, but we will independently confirm that we have the business’ permission to deliver plants to you there. You must still be present with ID to accept the plants.
* All payment is cash on delivery. Please have exact change if possible, since driver will be carrying very little cash.
* Purchase limit: 6 plants per person or 12 plants per person with a doctor’s recommendation. We will need to verify the recommendation when you place your order.
* Purchase limit is per person, not per address, so multiple people can place orders for delivery to the same address. However, each person will have to be present, pay separately and present valid ID. We cannot drop plants off, even if someone else pays for them.
* We must be able to reach you by phone or text on Thursday to confirm that you will be present to accept delivery.
* In order to make delivery efficient, since we are coming from the nursery 200 miles away, we may restrict our delivery radius. We will let you know beforehand so you can make other delivery arrangements.
* We will need a minimum number of orders to make this cost-effective. If total orders are insufficient, we may cancel or postpone this delivery run.

Got it!

    Thanks! We’ll review your order and contact you via phone or email sometime Wednesday evening or Thursday morning to confirm your delivery details, plant varieties and total price. Be sure to check your spam folder or phone messages! We won’t deliver without being able to confirm in advance. Thanks! 

    Note, once delivery is complete, we will delete copies of your license or doctor’s recommendation that you’ve uploaded here.

    * * *

    This is a new service we’re experimenting with, so there might be some bugs to work out. Bear with us! We’ve heard from many of our long-distance customers that with the price of gas, it’s too expensive to drive all the way to Humboldt for a few plants, so we’re working out how to get our plants to you with a little less hassle. We appreciate any suggestions!

    As always, you can call email us at or call us on our land line during 9-6 business hours 707-923-5063 for more info.

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