2021 Cutting-Grown Starts

Cutting Grown Cannabis Plants for 2021

Cutting Grown (clones in 4″ pots) availability July 23, 2021:
We currently have:

Grand Daddy Purple (441)
Peach Ringz (in 6″ pots) (8)
Skywalker OG (4,191)
Venom OG (914)
White Runtz (2381)

These can be purchased retail, or reserved wholesale by CA licensed cultivators. Check our Cultivator page for more info. Retail customers can come into the nursery during normal hours and pick out your own plants from what is available.

GG4 in 1-gallon pots. 46 available as of July 23rd.
$30 each retail (price includes all sales and excise taxes)
Licensed cultivators contact us for large order pricing.

Will is stoked on the new GG4s we got in. They’re ready to go straight into the ground.

For updates on when your favorite varieties are ready, sales, cultivation tips and more, sign up to our email list.  We also post regular availability notices on our Instagram @PlantHumboldt, though our mailing list will get first priority, before the general public.

Container size: 4×4 pots, sometimes 6×6 or 1-gallon size.
Height: 10”-24” tall, depending on pot size.
Nursery environment: mostly outdoors, natural sunlight. Plants are hardened-off.
Supplemental light at the nursery: a few hours very low wattage LED to maintain vegetative growth phase. Before June 1, you should plan on at least minimal supplemental light to prevent early flowering.

Note: all of our clones are well-developed plants rooted in soil.

All our cutting-grown plants are well-rooted, sun-acclimated and growing in 4″ pots. This takes the risk out of planting fragile little cuttings direct from the grow-room to the outdoors and gives your garden a two-week jump start on the season.

2021 COVID-19 update. We take the pandemic seriously and ask that you take precautions while visiting and traveling. All nursery staff are vaccinated and the nursery is open-air, so there is a very low risk of transmission. To be on the safe side, we ask that you maintain a minimum of 6′ or greater distance from employees and other customers and be aware that many of our customers use cannabis for medical reasons and may be more vulnerable to infection from any virus. If you want to wear a mask but don’t have one, we have paper ones we can give you. If you’re more comfortable around nursery staff with masks, we can put one on when serving you.
More info here.

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