Retail Delivery. Organize a Delivery Party at Your House or Business.

This year you will be able to order plants on our website and pick them up at select locations in the northern part of California. While we love when people combine a visit to our gorgeous North Coast region with a trip to the nursery to pick out plants in person, we also realize this is not possible for everyone.

Organize a delivery party at your house or business!
Here’s how it works: Depending on the distance, we will set a minimum number of plants that need to be ordered to make it worth our while. Get your friends together to place enough orders to meet our threshold and we’ll set a date to deliver! Have a business such as a grow shop? We can bring home-grower customers to you! No license necessary because we’re delivering plants directly to customers from our delivery truck in your parking lot. See below for details.*

We pride ourselves on the low carbon footprint of our outdoor, sun grown nursery. Delivering one truckload of plants to where people are living is less polluting than having everyone drive for hours in individual cars to pick up plants. Don’t worry, though, you can still have the unique experience of visiting the nursery in person and picking out your own. We’re offering delivery as another option.

*Fine print: All plants for group deliveries must be pre-ordered online. (Available on our site soon.) Each customer is responsible for picking up their own plants and must be 21+ and show valid ID. All orders subject to strict legal limits of 6 per person or 12 for medical use with a valid doctor’s recommendation. We can only deliver to valid addresses, but this can be any valid residence or business address. Customers must pick up plants in person on the day/hours of delivery. Plants not claimed will be returned to the nursery and restocked. For businesses, we need is a valid address and permission to deliver to customers who arrive in the parking lot outdoors during normal business hours to accept delivery of their plants from our truck. This brings home-grower customers directly to grow shops to get the supplies they need for successful growing. There are lots of possibilities for co-marketing and promotion.

Interested in either a business or personal custom delivery? Contact us for details or call 707-923-5063 during normal business hours.

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2023 COVID-19 update. The nursery is open-air, so there is generally a low risk of transmission. However, please be aware that many of our customers use cannabis for medical reasons and may be extra vulnerable to any airborne virus. If you’re more comfortable around nursery staff with masks, we can put one on when serving you.

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