Autoflowering Cannabis

We’ll be carrying several cultivars of autoflowering cannabis varieties at the nursery this season. The first should be available in late April.

Autoflowering cannabis is different from “regular” cannabis — now often referred to as “photoperiod” cannabis — because its growth cycle is not light dependent. Regular cannabis plants will grow in vegetative phase (leaf and stem growth) until the nights start getting longer in the late summer. That triggers the plants into flowering.

Autoflowers, in contrast, grow for a set amount of time and then automatically go into flower, typically about three months from seed to smoke. On the one hand, this means they will never be giant multi-pound producers like most full-term plants that have all summer to grow before flowering. But there are advantages for both commercial cultivators and personal use growers.

For personal or medical use growers, you can put the plant on your porch, water it and two months after taking it home from the nursery, have a nice modest-sized plant ready to harvest. There is no need to wait around till October, when many varieties of regular cannabis are finally ready. You also don’t have to worry about supplemental light like you do with clones (cuttings).

We’re offering a variety of “autos” to our retail customers this year in 1-gallon pots. These will come with all the fertilizer they will need. All you have to do is water them, though we would recommend carefully transplanting them into a 5-gallon pot for a higher yield and less need to water every day.

We’ll have more info here in the coming weeks on autos for personal use and for how commercial cultivators with larger farms can incorporate autos into their crop cycle.

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