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Plant Humboldt Cannabis Nursery owner Mikal holding a large, sun grown, seed grown, female cannabis plant in a white pot.

Retail delivery this Sunday, June 23rd, 4pm-5pm in Petaluma. Email your order and pick up your plants in person.

The owner of Cycle West in Petaluma has graciously allowed us to use his parking lot as our delivery address. 

The delivery address is: Cycle West, 1375 Industrial Ave. Petaluma CA 94952. (Please don’t contact the shop. They are not involved with any sales.) We’ll be in the parking lot with a small white trailer from 4pm-5pm this Sunday, June 23rd. You must order in advance!

Check our variety list. All plants on that list are available to order except the following: Dani OG, Blue Nile, Emerald Fire, All Gas OG, Pineapple, Guzzlers, Caramel Sour. These may be available, but contact us directly via phone or email for more info.

Another option, if you can’t make it or if Petaluma is too far, is to get a bunch of friends together to place enough orders that it is worth it for us to make a special trip. We can deliver to anywhere in Northern California (minimum quantity will depend on distance). Contact us for more info.

How it works: Order plants online (below) and pick them up from us at the address above at the specified time.

 * You must order in advance via the order form on this page! We won’t have any extra plants to sell on site.

 * Pay when you pick up the plants at the delivery location. Please have cash or check. Exact change is appreciated.

 * We’ll need to verify you are 21+ and have a valid ID, so please bring it with you.

We must be able to contact you to confirm that you’ll be there before we leave the nursery, so please be sure your contact info is accurate.

* Look at our available varieties page and choose the ones you want  Note, plants in our Tall Plant sale are not included in the delivery option. Availability can change quickly, so if your chosen variety is not available by the delivery date, we’ll contact you to choose a substitute.

* Price: all plants when delivered are $70 each, which includes all taxes. (Regular price at the nursery is $60.) They are vigorous, well-rooted in 2-gallon pots, 20″-30″ tall and well-branched. These are all seed-grown and guaranteed female.

* Purchase limit: 6 plants per person. Medical patients with a doctor’s recommendation can get up to 12 plants. We will need to verify the recommendation when you place your order, so please upload a copy and bring it with you as well.

* Must be 21+ and present valid ID when submitting order and at delivery.

Ready to place an order? Fill out the form below.

A row of potted cannabis plants in the sun. The labels on the white pots say "Blueberry Cupcake" and has the Plant Humboldt Cannabis Nursery logo.

    Thanks! We’ll review your order and contact you via email to confirm. Be sure to check your spam folder!

    Note, once delivery is complete, we will delete all copies of your driver’s license or doctor’s recommendation that you’ve uploaded here. As always, the best way for us to keep your data secure is to not have it at all.

    If for some reason you will not be able to make it to the delivery location on time, please contact us asap.

    All payment is cash on delivery. Exact change is appreciated.

    As always, you can call email us at info@planthumboldt.com or call us on our landline during 9-6 business hours 707-923-5063 for more info.

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