Who Can Shop?

Nursery hours: 9-6 every day, usually including holidays, but be sure to check first. 

If you have a long drive and want a specific variety, call first to check availability
707-923-5063. We will hold the plants for you for the projected duration of your drive only. We don’t hold plants longer than that.

Can I buy your plants? How many?

 * Adults 21 and over: 6 plants per day, no medical card needed. You must show valid ID.

 * Medical users 18 and older: 12 plants per day or whatever number is specified on your valid doctor’s recommendation
We will need to be able to verify your recommendation with your doctor online or by phone, no exceptions.

* Medical users under 18: You must possess a valid doctor’s recommendation and be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be able to buy plants for you.

 * State licensed cultivators: no limit, but you must have a valid annual or provisional state license (not a county or city license).

The Details:
General public 21 and over:
In California, Proposition 64 allows any adult to possess 6 plants or an ounce of dried marijuana for “adult use”.

You don’t need to be a resident to purchase plants, though transporting plants across state lines is illegal.

While you can legally buy 6 plants and legally transport them home in California, your local city or county may have restrictions on where and how you grow those six plants! Check with your local authorities to avoid trouble later.

Medical marijuana users:
If you have a valid California doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana use under Proposition 215, you will need to bring it with you to the nursery. We can sell you 12 plants per day or as many plants as your doctor has specified in writing on your medical-use recommendation. You cannot come and go multiple times per day. This is specifically illegal in the regulations. We will not keep a copy of your doctor’s recommendation on file, but you will need to bring it, along with a valid ID, and make sure it is registered with one of the online verification services or be sure that we can contact your doctor during business hours.

If you have a CA Dept. of Public Health medical marijuana card, you won’t be charged sales tax. All other individual medical sales under Prop. 215 pay sales tax and excise tax. To get the tax exemption, we will need to keep a copy of your card on file for our own tax filing purposes.

Can I legally drive my plants home?
Yes, but if you are a medical user and have more than 6 plants, be sure to keep a copy of your doctor’s recommendation handy in case you’re pulled over.

In general, it is best to keep plants out of sight while driving on California public roads, even if it is legal to possess them. Not all law enforcement officials like legalization, so you don’t want to be singled out.

Our plants are large and the pots are sometimes a little dirty, so bring some plastic bags to protect your vehicle. Putting the plants in the trunk or laying them down on the floor for a short drive will not hurt them.

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